Tupac’s Ashes got Smoked

In an interview on VLAD TV, the since-Tupac-died unheard of hip-hop group the Outlawz reflected on their well thought out decision, just after Tupac’s death, to sprinkle his ashes over, “That great granddaddy California Kush.”

One member enthusiastically takes credit for the idea, explaining that Tupac had made the request in his song Black Jesus. They didn’t know he serious he was about it, he continues, but they took it seriously. This must have been the inspiration for the movie How High.

So from this we’ve realized that:

a. Obviously Tupac didn’t have a will, because he probably would have requested his ashes be spread over something with some (any) sort of meaning, and not on weed grown in a guarded basement with tin foil walls.


b. Tupac really is dead (though there is still the possibility that these idiots smoked someone else’s ashes).

The video speaks for itself, enjoy…

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