RIP: Six Interesting Steve Jobs Facts

You won’t find many obituaries of famous billionaires on this blog because, well, most of them are assholes. If anything, you’ll find stories that identify how and why most of them are assholes. This is not to say Steve Jobs wasn’t an asshole in some shape or form, but he shouldn’t, and likely won’t be, remembered as a CEO , but as one of the most innovative minds of his time. What I mean is, he is less Warren Buffet (who will also be dying any day now) than he is Thomas Edison.

But he’s neither of them, either, and that’s another reason why he’ll be remembered: he didn’t ascribe to any conventional model of wisdom or success. Here are six things that distinguish him from the rest of the masters of the universe.

1. He was adopted by a couple from Mountain View, California.

2. He is a college dropout (no, not an Ivy League college dropout). To be fair, though, he credits auditing university classes for making the first Apple computer what it was.

3. In the 70s, after a stint at Atari, he travelled to India to visit a guru, experiment with LSD and convert to Buddhism.

4. After a power struggle at Apple in 1985, Jobs was kicked out of the company he co-founded (he was asked return in 1996 to head the company)

5. Along with Apple, Jobs founded/co-founded NeXT and Pixar (after buying it as The Graphics group from Lucasfilm for $10 Million — it’s now worth around $10 Billion), and was a member of The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors.

6. Jobs is the inventor/co-inventor for 338 US patents.

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