Theory: The ‘Obama Effect’ on crime

A new article in Slate introduced a theory on why a crime drop in the U.S. in the years since the start of the recession contradicts the conventional wisdom. They (cautiously) suggest that the decrease may be the product of new confidence among black Americans in low socioeconomic conditions, since Barack Obama became president in ’08.

Studies by the American Society of Criminology have shown that, despite the worst recession since the Great Depression, Black Americans are more confident about their economic futures than they were five years ago. The same people also showed a positive increase in their thoughts on the standard of living gap between black and white people, and their future standard of living.

I’ve seen hints of this change first hand, even in Canada, and I think it adds a lot of credibility to the importance of his presidency (something that most of us have forgotten by now).

What’s being said here has little do with Black Americans, it reiterates the philosophy that, “The rate of violence among unrelated adults is determined by the feelings people have toward their society and their government and the degree to which they trust their elected officials.”

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