Music Video: Nas ‘Nasty’

Give this video a chance because it turns from a prototypical modern hip hop video to a prototypical Nas video.

The real value here, though, is the song. Apparently someone important in his life told Nas that he should do away with political pursuits and elaborate production: let’s just have you, a raw beat and a mic, and we’ll see what happens. What happened worked, but we can only hope the rest of the album will stay that way.

In hip hop, as in most other music, it’s just as important to go back to the root as it is to build. Growth as an artist isn’t defined by having the most layers, it’s defined by finding by a coalescence between you, your genre, and, sometimes, your time. For hip hop fans, this is a time of need.

Nas – “Nasty” Music Video ( from Nasir Jones on Vimeo.

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