The crazy asshole who is now the republican front-runner

If most American Republicans were as colour blind as they are socially ignorant, it’s entirely possible that Herman Cain could be the second black president of the United States.

Cain started out as a sort of caricature candidate (in one way or another, like Rob Ford). There were repeated jokes about his CEO position at Godfather’s Pizza being a primary qualification for his candidacy, and journalists ate up his misguided conservative rhetoric.

I in no way mean to imply that he’s an unintelligent person, though. While his political history is meager, his education and professional history are impressive. He was also the deputy chairman, and then chairman, of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas.

My criticism is directed at his mild insanity, and clear lack of social empathy.  Examples of this can be found predominantly in his interviews, and here’s one that speaks for itself.

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