The US Military’s new plan to beat Wikileaks

The US Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has put together a new strategy in combating Wikileaks and other American and international hackers: decoy documents.

The ultimate plan is to plant tracking software within the misinformation that will lead the Department of Defense to hackers and their networks.

“We want to flood adversaries with information that’s bogus, but looks real,” says Salvatore Stolfo, the Columbia University computer science professor leading the project. “This will confound and misdirect them.”

The fake document will alert authorities of the hacker’s IP address and the date it was opened, making it a particular threat to insiders.

So this presents three major problems for organizations like Wikileaks:

1. If a hacker breaks through the sophisticated firewalls and into the database, there will be no certainty that the document is real.

2. Once he/she makes the decision to take that document, they could be leading authorities to their location, and the locations of other hackers.

3. If they release the document and it isn’t real, it will permanently damage the reputation of organizations like Wikileaks.

Julian Assange would be well advised to stop worrying about how his hair looks, and come to realize how small a piece he is in a revolutionary social movement that is constantly facing extinction.

Read more on Wired.

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