Radiohead – Codex (Deadmau5 cover)

It’s no surprise that Radiohead has had an enormous influence on Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5). You’ll find all kinds of Kid A traces on Random Album title, and his pervasive use of the keyboard is a clear adaptation.

This song won’t blow your mind (a. because it’s so similar to the original, b. because it wasn’t a “mind-blowing” song to begin with, and wasn’t meant to be), but it will give you a sense of Deadmau5‘s ear for music, and the patience and attention to detail required to make great electronic music in a pool of mediocre electronic music.

Unlike so many other artists, Thom Yorke sees electronic covers and remixes as creative exploration.

“I love that there is such a culture of remixing at the moment, all this flow of ideas. It may come outta the club scene but to me there is a lot more to it than that,” he said in an interview with SPIN, “I think it appeals to us as a band at the moment that ideas and versions are not so fixed and set in stone, it feels kind of healthy for music.”

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