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Video: Subterranean Spaces

Turns out Subterranean London isn’t much different from Subterranean Toronto, New York or any other developed city (in that none of us have any idea what’s going on under there). This is a pretty cool doc. Featuring some curious young European men who probably attended some sort of film school, and some pretty cool (and well-suited) music.

The fascination for seeing the unseen continues to be satisfied in increasingly creative ways.

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Stream Ridley Scott’s crowdsourced film Life in a Day

Ridley Scott (Gladiator, American Gangster), apparently sick of working with major Hollywood egos, put together this hour and a half-long creative compilation of video footage from around the world.

The clips have been compiled into a narrative that you will get the gist of the in the trailer (below), and if you like what you see, you can stream it on YouTube here.

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